Friday, September 18, 2009

love a come down - official

Demarco - Love a come Down

more than a lot.. so much. ever so much

Sunday, September 13, 2009

mavado - u a mi lover

newish one from mavado + stephen

keep your friendship / bad man a bad man

mr vegas - keep yr friendship

Oh man, I am feeling this Vegas tune.. Vegas is quick to draw for the uplifting, brush-your-teeth-and-eat-your-vegetables, sparkle dust in the production, live-up-clean kind of choruses. But sometimes they switch to some raw, straight-ahead business after the drop, like whoa, what happened! Kind of like this one, actually:

mr vegas fr overmars - raging bull

Actually Ele is kind of the originator of the unrelated positivity chorus paired with disco-inferno bars.. Remember this one?

elephant man - bad man a bad man

yep. totally dude.

or this:

elephant man - elephant message

danny scrilla - hold the line rmx


Danny Scrilla is either a part of or affiliated in some way with the riseandshine camp, I can't remember. They got on my radar from making three really solid mixes of uk funky. Here's a remix he's done of major lazer's hold the line.

Via seen
more major lazer remixes

Sunday, September 6, 2009

bobbie konders culture + lovers mix

I found this culture mix posted up on the massive b site, where I was half-heartedly looking for some events popping off last night. It seemed like saturday was the off-night between some mega arena jams at bb kings on friday and later tonight, so I was a little thrown to see bounty + beenie together on the marquee at Roseland - whoops! It was not to be though, I had a date with the russian vodka room which was kind of cool in its own way, and the line looked a little out of hand anyhow.

ps baltika = pretty damn tasty actually.


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