Sunday, December 28, 2008

Kartel + Mavado at Sting

I can't find anything but really crappy footage of the clash between Kartel and Mavado, but it's still worth a quick look. These dudes have been sparring for a few months now and managed to keep it lyrical while sharing the same stage at Sting.

Kartel was ready for the war in full army fatigues, and pulling a coffin onstage with 'barber boy' written on it was pretty heavy. It seems the crowd calls the clash for Mavado though.

Kartel vs Mavado on ustream (choppy clear footage, good audio)

Kartel vs Mavado on youtube (fluid poor footage rough audio)

Saturday, December 20, 2008

ramadanman, droid + slug

Here are two mixes that have been doing a lot for me recently, particularly while trying to get my head right and finish this project I've been working on. Both are pretty chill, good-sized sets that touch on older electronic bits and newish dubstep that doesn't suck.

Bloggariddims #49 - Droid + Slug.

Ramadanman - Dub War Podcast Mix


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Ohs is Long

the aforementioned clipse tape is out..downloadable here, and here.

to the world!

if a sound test


boy.. you remember them times there.

from blogtotheoldschool.. check it out, this guy is doing a lot.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Two Away

Some heat from nicki manaj, a new-ish dancehall/rap artist. Shout to dutty artz for the tip.

nicki manaj - beam me up scotty

nicki manaj - still i rise

Friday, November 28, 2008

Portishead mixed with Elton John

Kanye West interview on hot97, speaking on life and his new album.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Saturday, November 22, 2008

T_! Lean up pt 2

Wow. I just got through posting up T_!'s leanup mix from January, and moments later i find out he's got at least one more out with the same name. Haven't listened yet, but it gets a link, just off the strength of the first piece.

T_! [macabre unit/stink like sock]

june 08 lean up blend
mixed lean and live on 2 x vestax pdx2000 + 1 stanton s-450


kode 9- 9 samurai
rsd- speakerbox
quest- hardfood
benga- pleasure
trg- broken heart (martyns dcm mix)
search & destroy- candyfloss (loefah remix)
benga- addicts
buju banton- champion (kidnappa remix)
kromestar- bloodclart [get up]
goth trad- genesis
peverelist- infinity is now
kulture- cali weed
skandalous unlimited- dark horse
cotti & doctor- rise the temperture (kulture remix)
cluekid- hovercraft
macabre unit- shooting stars
tunnidge- geddeon
monkeydubz- volume
tubby t- tales of the hood
cotti & doctor- calm down
elemental- stompa
horsepower productions- fist of fury
kulture- so rotten
orien- look at my eyes
reso- metal slug
clouds- under the dancing feet
wonder- babylon boxer
jon-e-cash- forward
rusko- get ya cock out
silkie- i said
orbital- the box
noah d- rise
afterdark- k-hole


via getdarker.

T_! Lean up

This is a pretty old mix, but it's a big one, so I figured it could do with another mention. I assumed that the artist credit was a typo, but nope, this was put down by none other than dj "t+underscore+explanation-point", back in January... Yep. I'm still trying to understand what the deal is with british neo-bass dudes and cryptic, single letter dj names.

Strange handles aside, this has a real nice energy and flow, flawless mixing, and covers a pretty wide range of tunes. Extra wild was the inclusion of the proto-jungle hardcore joint 'we are e', which I first heard Dara drop in a history-lesson radio set more than ten years ago.. I did not see that coming.

1. Macabre unit- circus (boka jnrs)
2. Dubwoofa- devoilz (dub police)
3. Reso & roguestar- no such thing as fate (urban graffiti)
4. D 1- speed {tempa}
5. Dowee- grew up (unknown)
6. Freq nasty- goose (skint)
7. Macabre unit- cybernet (unknown)
8. Shackleton- blood on my hands (skull disco)
9. Burial- archangel (hyperdub)
10. Distance- feel me (chestplate)
11. Pinch ft, Yolanda- get up (tectonic)
12. Skream- shake it (tempa)
13. Toasty- take it personal (hotflush)
14. Ed solo- sludge (against the grain)
15. kulture- stepping outta babylon (unknown)
16. lenny d ice- we are e (white)
17. hijack- tears (unknown)
18. conquest- forever (dub police)
19. f.s.o.l vs protocol x- papa nu gineau remix (unknown)
20. low deep- straight flush (colourful state)
21. jah cure vs freezin- deep within (unknown)
22. Movado- gangsta 4 life remix (white)
23. Macabre unit- system overload (unknown)
24. The bug ft warrior queen- poison dart (ninja tune)
25. Macabre unit- lift off vip (terrorhythm dub)
26. Walsh & kromestar- panik room (hotflush)
27. Afterdark- my kung fu (unknown)
28. Mala- learn (dmz)
29. Double helix- judgement day (unknown)
30. Benga- drumz west (tempa)
31. Stenchman- kaniving guttersnipe (unknown)
32. Skream & cluekid- sandsnake (disfigured dubs)
33. Unknown- don’t follow Babylon (unknown)
34. Benga & coki- night (tempa)
35. Scuba- inmost (hotflush)
36. Distance- night vision (planet mu)


Gaza Lords Vol 2

Gaza Lords Vol 1

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The End of the World pt 1

This track is okaaay.. but look at the cover!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

So Amazing

Don't know how I feel about all this White Album Ye bizness, but this one's alright..

So Amazing

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Mcneil / Burroughs Show

Malcolm McNeil, orignal salty dog, returns to nyc for one night only. Man is a talent.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Kode9 and the Spaceape on Radio One

Download 65MB Mix

millie / phonelines

a millie


two myspace clips from ikonika, whom i've just discovered.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

In the Street

It was hard to gauge the sheer scale of people's reactions to the news, at least from the [relatively] quiet couch I watched the returns on. The next day, as I eased back into my regular work routine, more than a little jammed up, I started to make my way through the sea of posts and youtube clips that had come down the pipe. It's a lot to process, and it's hard to pick any one piece, but this sums up the mood pretty well, I think:

Street Celebration on Ocean Avenue

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It's a wrap

I cut the devil in half/i cut him down to three three three


Me: Judy got me up at 5:30 to beat the lines at the polls. I had to use an affadavit because they still had me down for the old address.. But I think it went though.

Pop/M: Please re send?

Me: never mind, no big deal. Just up extra early, just voted.

Pop/M: Great! The Republicans crapped in thear pants. Was there a long line at 6?

Me: Not out here, but I think it's pretty likely there's lines now.

Pop/M: Think this was a really book txt from your bro. I was thinking abt a channel 13 show abt the dinosaur comes being found in Alaska. Now this is Daniel:

think before the ice age alaska was all right climate wise.

Pop/M: a really <cool> txt dinosaur <bones>

Monday, November 3, 2008


Slept on this tune for a while, but now I'm into it.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Battery Charge

I was listening to bok bok's radio show a while back, and this came on. Sounds like shadetek is trying a bassline ting.

Matt Shadetek - Battery Charge (Bok Bok Sub FM mix snippet)

Full Night Slugs Mix

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


A little late on this but boy.. If you haven't heard this magazine business yet, you want to catch up. A hard exchange of bars from kartel and the gully god over the track, on some war thing again. And this riddim is tough.. slow, snapping drums over hypnotic synths, pure evilness!

Vybez Kartel - Send Fi Di Magazine
killer like kane so fi test mi you no able / drop like the tower of babel

Mavado - Can't Bad Wi Up
see what ya bloodclot mouth get ya inna / you a f** round dogs wha hungry and want dinner/ dem a fret, but not the fret pon guitar / you no see them get thinner

These tunes are out there in a couple different places, but I'm feeling silver star's medley a lot.. Magazine drops at around 36:40.

Silver Star 100708

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Appleblim Mix

Been vibing to this Appleblim mix for a minute, its pretty tight. There's some sketchy parts (read: electro samba) but the front of the set more than makes up for it.

Less fresh was the part where I had to had to create an account at this kind of over the top portal site just to grab the MP3. It's all too much.

Rehosted below, minus the drama.

Appleblim Mix

Monday, October 13, 2008

Darkstar shorty mix

An incredible amount of ground gets covered in this tiny mix by darkstar, of mostly his own productions. In a little over eleven minutes, he runs through a gang of weird glitchy tunes on the moodier, plodding side of the whatever-step spectrum. Dude has some serous studio-ninja type contol over the sound, too. I am reminded of listening to burial's teaser mix for the first time, as you get the sense that this guy has a grip of tunes in this style sitting on a hard drive somewhere, waiting to come out. Let's hope so.

Darkstar shortmix

via prancehall, re upped as an mp3.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Joker's a badman

he is you know..

joker & MC Nomad on mhobbes generation bass

Joker – ‘Stuck In The System’ (Earwax)
2000F & JKamata – ‘You Don’t Know What Love Is’ joker special (Dubplate)
Joker & Rustie – ‘Play Doe’ (Kapsize)
Gemmy – ‘Double Yellow’ (Dubplate)
MR E – ‘Space Invaders’ (Dubplate)
Rustie – ‘Tempered’ (Kapsize)
Joker – ‘80’s’ (Kapsize)
Joker – ‘Gully Brook Lane’ (Terrorhythm)
J@kes & Joker – ‘3K Lane’ (H.E.N.C.H)
Joker – ‘Holly Brook Park’ (Kapsize)
Gemmy – ‘Back 2 The Future’ (Punch drunk)
Joker – ‘Snake Eater’ (Soul motive)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

three away

don't have time to write too much, but here are three joints that have been doin' the business..

another sufferer's anthem from the teacher. heavy, heavy hook w/ deep producky. Shouts fly out to 'Russian' on the intro of this one and the next, is this a new producer?


Silver Star have also put a slightly odd refix of this tune over Game's "My Life" beat on their latest mix which is growing on me..

Another kartel, on a hustle hard tip, another big chorus and just the right amount of autotune. Has some epic trap-rap style rave bits in their just under the surface.. What!

"Me love thug music but if you nah sing that song / you no sing no song.."


What can I say about this tune? For me, stephen's slower, psuedo-rap experiments like 'overcome' have been some of the more exciting tunes of the year. This is another monster in the same vein.


Sunday, September 28, 2008

Don't Sleep

Busy Signal's new album is out. If the usual rule of thumb for reggae packaging holds true ( the more horrendous the art, the better the music), it should be solid.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Public Access Lava

Been keeping this on repeat for a minute. Straight fire!!! Check the psa graphics for info on the full album and where to cop.

House of Cards

Some crazy effects in this radiohead video... reminds me of those old sharper-image-esque desk toys that were like a hundred nails held in place behind two plates of glass.

Made without video cameras through the use of Geometrics Informatics, a system which 'employs structured light to capture 3D images at close proximity,' and laser-based Velodyne Lidar, director James Frost creates a mathematic virtual world for Radiohead's first official promo music video clip from In Rainbows.

From pitchfork.


Monday, September 22, 2008

Tubby T

I just found out that tubby t passed a few months back. I was never super familiar with his music, but what little I heard stuck with me for a long time. I think I first heard 'tales from da hood' at this party that ganesh and greg poole used to throw, many years ago. I didn't find out who the track was by until pretty recently, but there was a period in my life where the chorus would drift in and out of my head, looping away half-formed for days at a time.

Gone but not forgotten!

Tubby T - Tales from Da Hood [Sticky Version]

Tubby T - Tales from Da Hood [Silver Star Dub ]