Tuesday, October 28, 2008


A little late on this but boy.. If you haven't heard this magazine business yet, you want to catch up. A hard exchange of bars from kartel and the gully god over the track, on some war thing again. And this riddim is tough.. slow, snapping drums over hypnotic synths, pure evilness!

Vybez Kartel - Send Fi Di Magazine
killer like kane so fi test mi you no able / drop like the tower of babel

Mavado - Can't Bad Wi Up
see what ya bloodclot mouth get ya inna / you a f** round dogs wha hungry and want dinner/ dem a fret, but not the fret pon guitar / you no see them get thinner

These tunes are out there in a couple different places, but I'm feeling silver star's medley a lot.. Magazine drops at around 36:40.

Silver Star 100708

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