Saturday, December 19, 2009

get to know dj oneman

if there has been one name that's stuck for me recently, out of all the radio rips and whatnot i've been running thru, it's oneman. this guy has consistently thrown down spontaneous, diverse, hype sets that mix up the old and the new without sounding scattered or all over the place. Serving up a gang of old school garage, funky, grime, dubstep and PURPLE, his sets seldom disappoint. If like me, you're just getting wind of this guy, there is a bunch of material for you to get through:

on rinse Dec 10th 2009


on rinse Nov 19th 2009


on rinse Nov 5th 2009


on rinse May 7th


Sunday, November 29, 2009

hotflush podcast:: jus wan


another bugged out not quite house not really dubstep either mix. courtesy hotflush.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

mary anne hobbes guest mixes + comp

been knocking these for a minute, but I just got around to cutting them up. three guest mixes on mary anne hobbes' experimental show, from a few weeks back.


joy orbison

pearson sound

also, I picked up her new CD a while back. very heavy.

mary anne hobbes presents: wild angels (on bleep)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Darkstar Shorty Mix #2

Darkstar Minimix.mp3
Grab this quick little mix that Darkstar put up on dubstep forum.

Previously: Darkstar shorty mix

Ghetto Palms - Flare / GIants Blend



get the full scoop here. thanks fader.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Wiley on Rinse

Grab the first radio appearance from Wiley in over a year. Lots of new bars, lots of jokes and vibes on the set. JJ on decks. Wiley is obviously not shy about trying new lyrics and flopping them on the air, which makes for some interesting sequences.. where you get to hear the same piece reloaded 3 times in succession, getting tighter each time, slightly different sound and flow.


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Ontological Society Dubplates

Just got a hold of this quasi-new set from Appleblim and Wedge, recorded on sub fm. I hadn't heard of Wedge before, but am feeling his production, more of this post-dilla, slowish dubstep kind of thing that keeps popping up. It's a little reminiscent of darkstar. Nice to hear radio sets where the djs are blatantly having a laugh in the studio... Vibes!!



AppleblimandWedge08Sep09SubFM.mp3 (Full set)

pon di earth / hate we

Blak Ryno - Pon Di Earth

Blak Ryno - Hate We / Gaza Mi Seh

two new pieces from rhyno.. see it deh!

Friday, September 18, 2009

love a come down - official

Demarco - Love a come Down

more than a lot.. so much. ever so much

Sunday, September 13, 2009

mavado - u a mi lover

newish one from mavado + stephen

keep your friendship / bad man a bad man

mr vegas - keep yr friendship

Oh man, I am feeling this Vegas tune.. Vegas is quick to draw for the uplifting, brush-your-teeth-and-eat-your-vegetables, sparkle dust in the production, live-up-clean kind of choruses. But sometimes they switch to some raw, straight-ahead business after the drop, like whoa, what happened! Kind of like this one, actually:

mr vegas fr overmars - raging bull

Actually Ele is kind of the originator of the unrelated positivity chorus paired with disco-inferno bars.. Remember this one?

elephant man - bad man a bad man

yep. totally dude.

or this:

elephant man - elephant message

danny scrilla - hold the line rmx


Danny Scrilla is either a part of or affiliated in some way with the riseandshine camp, I can't remember. They got on my radar from making three really solid mixes of uk funky. Here's a remix he's done of major lazer's hold the line.

Via seen
more major lazer remixes

Sunday, September 6, 2009

bobbie konders culture + lovers mix

I found this culture mix posted up on the massive b site, where I was half-heartedly looking for some events popping off last night. It seemed like saturday was the off-night between some mega arena jams at bb kings on friday and later tonight, so I was a little thrown to see bounty + beenie together on the marquee at Roseland - whoops! It was not to be though, I had a date with the russian vodka room which was kind of cool in its own way, and the line looked a little out of hand anyhow.

ps baltika = pretty damn tasty actually.


(tracklist embedded in lyrics tab)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

chief boima rewind


late on this but after listening to chief boima on mudd up a few weeks back, i decided to pull his mix for fader back out of the vaults. it's big, it's big. the tracklist says it all really.

1.Black Nature, vocal intro (homie of mine that's in the Sierra Leone Refugee All Stars)
2. Abdul Tee-Jay, “Ka-Bubu No.1” (Sierra Leonean [in London I Think] bubu music)
3. Chi Boogie, “Move Back” (Chicago juke)
4. Janka Nabay, “Ah Gboleah” (Sierra Leone bubu)
5. Boca Chica y El Presidente, Boca3 (Unknown name and artist, from Boca Chica in Dominican Republic. Boca Chica is a city with a popular beach and DJs sell mixtapes on the beach. These guys were Haitian descendants.. This was from a mixtape by selectas Boca Chica y El Presidente)
6. Ghislain Poirier, “Karnival” (Montreal...electro-soca?)
7. DJ Black, “Los Locos Somos Mas” (Panama... Haitian influenced reggae soca)
8. Silver Star, “Va Canon” (Honduras punta)
9. Sierra Leone's Refugee Allstars, “Ya N'Digba” (Sierra Leone [Not sure the style, but traditional from the villages])
10. Joe y Kello, “Mambo Gaga-Gaga” (Dominican Republic gaga)
11. Zion I, “Geek to the Beat” (Bay Area rap)
12. Didacia, “Misseru” (Mozambique marrabenta)
13. Dj Terrivel, “Danca So” (Angola tarraxa kuBass)
14. Unknown, “Micola” (Angola kuduro)
15. DJ Click, “Bloque Brandy” (Ivory Coast coupe decale)
16. Eedris Abdulkareem, “2 Legs Up” (Nigeria rap)
17. Akon, “Right Now (Na Na Na)” Chief Boima Remix (Sierra Leone, Senegal, Jersey, Oakland, Milwaukee, Atlanta mbalax decale)

also, the chief is one half of bannana clipz. not really sure who the other half is, but they've done a lot.. check them out on myspace.

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Joy Orbison - Hyph Mngo

I first heard this tune on joy's mix on low end spasm, but it seems like it's popping up everywhere now. hypnotic shuffling broken, heavyweight... this has gotta be stiff on a real soundsystem.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Cooly G on Rinse

Don't sleep. Tons of dubs on there.

Friday, June 26, 2009


word to photoshop. it's going down tonight, this time w/ dj /rupture aka mr. redeye, back in ny.

Zomby - Mecury's Rainbow

new zomby jam, on youtube

Monday, June 15, 2009

terror danjah + badness live audio

the folks at L.E.S have kindly posted the audio from the last night slugs, w/ terror danjah and badness. don't sleep.

terror danjah + badness live at night slugs

Sunday, June 14, 2009

dj onedrop - what do u call it vol 3

big, big funky mix from dj onedrop, with a lot of specials and yard vibes thrown in.

via seen

previously: vol 1, vol 2

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Monday, June 1, 2009


Oh man. You almost shouldn't be allowed to promote anything which has the word swagger in it at this point, but when these guys do it, it is somehow okay. I am not even sure how this song got on my radar, it just appeared in capture scratch, I am gonna say wayneandwax?

This is the best shit ever.


Skull Riddim

These've been on constant repeat since i got my hands on them. DRE SKULL, you've done a lot.

Sizzla - Gone Too Far - Skull Riddim (Buraka Som Sistema Remix)

Sizzla - Gone Too Far - Skull Riddim

Vybz Kartel - Kill Them All - Skull Riddim

Check out Klash's smells-like-teen-spirit vibes!

77Klash - call me - skull riddim

Monday, May 25, 2009

Demarco - She Can't Wait

this riddim almost sounds like funky to me, maybe its the carnival vibes. Demarco's version is the hardest one i've heard so far.

more versions here

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

witchdoctor - rich + poor

There was a period.. '1999 maybe? whenever A S.W.A.T Healing Ritual came out, when i was really into witchdoctor. matt shadetek knows what i'm talking about!

Mostly i'm into how random this video feels, and how it all seems to be shot in various parking lots.. is he saying 'rich people call twelve', like 911?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


okay so there is the spectre of some kind of KTU nightmare looming in the background here (ITS ALL ABOUT CLUB EXPO TONIGHT, EXIT 7A, MAYHEM MAYHEM MAYHEM), but it's still a sick tune. Aidonia over a Crazy Couisins production, flipping through a bunch of different flows/approaches. I find it most interesting in the spaces between the big hooks + bars, where the autotune tramples over the sliding phrases, like around the progressions at 1:57.


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

longplayer roundup

It feels like I have been listening to more london radio sets and mixes than at any other point in recent memory - its hard to keep up. Every day brings an avalanche of new tunes to retrieve, load up and listen to. One look at the rinse playback feed shows that this funky 4x4 thing has completely taken over and whatever you may feel about this latest phase, (or which theory you employ to make sense of it all) it does seems futile to try to pretend it isn't here to stay. Or, to put it another way, you might as well know about it.

Cooly G - FACT mix
Cooly is a new hyperdub signee who produces and sings. This mix is wicked.


LVIS1990 - UK house mix for Curb Crawlers
This mix supposedly focuses on the less nursery rhyme / skank side of things. If you find this distinction confusing, check out what Blackdown has to say about it here. Lvis says to file this under uk house, not funky. Either way the set is a big one.


OneMan - live on rinse
not sure how to file this one, but it is definitely big, drops some new joker pieces, and runs some bars from escobar..


Blackdown and Dusk - live on rinse
Droppin' the NUMM! some heavy throwback stuff at the front, and a short mix of zomby specials in the middle.. Check it out.


Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mixed Nuts


Been getting into this fellow Alexander Nut a lot recently, his sets seem to be all about tracing the connections between dusty madlib/dilla style production and the kind of music that joker and zomby make.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Erup - Click Your Finger

this tune is gotta be a year old, but here's the new new video anyways...

thanks fader

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Dem Alone



I don't know, I might be just about officially hitting my auto-tune threshold, but this is still fire.. Kartel on syrupppy slow reminiscence tip, oddly creepy like many of his girl tunes. Makes you wonder if any of this material will see the light of day past myspace/youtube etc.. There's been like, two albums from the teacher on greensleeves since 2003.. How is that even possible!

Kartel - Without You

Life Sweet

Kartel - Life Sweet (semiofficial)

Kartel - Nah Hold We Down (bootleg)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


check out this footage of like a hundred kids bombing a highway in broad daylight. via superdutytoughwork.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Kode9 + Flying Lotus in NY

this friday. twenty-five bones is a bit steep though.

via fader

Monday, April 13, 2009

ghiz speaks

new microdoc from maga bo, this time, an evening with Ghislain Poirier.

An Interview with Ghislain Poirier from Maga Bo on Vimeo.


Sunday, April 5, 2009



...are no longer around

This mix is from 2000 or so, and I grabbed it from some now-defunct sound clash aggregator site, and then it was on my hard drive in unsharable realaudio format, and then the hard drive bought it, and then I got it back from a friend around a year ago, and then I ripped it to mp3 so here it is. King Addies to the world.

Like so many live sets, the running commentary, exaltations and chatting over the top have become fused with the mix in my memory, so much so that when listening to these tunes in different contexts, they sound naked, like something is missing.

Not positive, but i think you can hear a pre-superstar tony matterhorn towards the end. Most of these tracks are put down in artist segments so a big chunk of junior reid dubs will be followed by a big chunk of michael rose. Good stuff.



Sunday, March 29, 2009

Praises and Ballads

Still reeling from the heavy bass explosion that was tropical dance 3, I finally got a second to listen to the second collabo mix from simon + awesome tapes from africa. It's pretty bananas so far, not exactly on a hit you over the head kick, just in a slow burn, this is is gonna be on repeat forever kind of way. Perfect for shaking out the cobwebs and easing into the day.

If you missed part one, you will surely want to grab it now. I have had a chopped version sitting around for a while, but I haven't gotten around to uploading it, so drop me a line if that's your thing. Otherwise, the single-track version is below.

shout to awesome tapes, and simon, wherever you are, these sets are crazy.

Simon's Records + Awesome Tapes from Africa - Praises and Ballads
Thione Seck - Chauffeur Bi
Alou Fané & Daouda Sangaré - Nambara Mogo
Super Djata de Bamako - Bimoko Magnin
Etoile de Dakar - Aladj
Kojo Mireku's Band - Mepe Me Ho Asem
Ashanti Brothers Band - Odo Afre Me
Dr. T.O. Jazz International Band - Asem Atome
Oko's Guitar Band - Ebeye Yie
Salif Keita & Kante Manflia - Wara-Mana
Ali Farka Toure - Kady
Kassa Tresor Mihindou - Dwimbu
Virtuoses Diabate - N'fa
David Zé - Ngongo Mua Ngola
Balla et ses Balladins - Leydi Mendnin
Celestine Ukwu - Onwu Bu Ugwo
E.T. Mensah and the Tempos Band - Medaho Mao
Cardinal Rex Lawson - Elizer
Lijadu Sisters - Osupa


Simon's Records + Awesome Tapes from Africa - Slow Music from West Africa

Paulson Kalu - Dick Tiger A Naa (Nigeria)
Rex Lawson - Osuala Oru Enene (Nigeria)
Yamoah's Band - Saman Me (Ghana)
African Brothers Dance Band - Mmobrowa (Ghana)
Black Dragons - Emalon Ni Hokowo (Benin)
Sorry Bamba - M'makono 'Attends-Moi' (Mali)
Orchestre du Jardin de Guinée - J.R.D.A. (Guinea)
Star Number One - Waalo (Senegal)
Number One du Senegal - Mory (Senegal)
Orchestre Rail Band de Bamako - Koro Koni (Mali)
Camayenne Sofa - Wayalangaï (Guinea)
F. Kenya - Ewule Adoma Kuma (Ghana)
Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou - Nous Avons Gagne (Benin)
Achille Johnny - Mede Woui (Benin)
Demba Camara et son Groupe - Exhumation Folklorique (Guinea)

simons-records_-_slow music from west africa.mp3

Friday, March 27, 2009

Really Bad Video from Ruff Skwad

this isn't so bad it's good, it's just bad.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Kode9 on Benji B

new kode9 mix, lotsa dubs. get familiar.


01. Samiyam “Return” Hyperdub
02. Kode 9 “Black Sun” Hyperdub
03. Cooly G “Love Dub (Refix)” Hyperdub
04. Ikonika “Sahara Michael” Hyperdub
05. 2000F & J Kamata “You Don’t Know What Love Is” Hyperdub
06. Darkstar “Digital” Hyperdub
07. Burial “Untitled” Hyperdub
08. LV “Take Away” Hyperdub
09. Burial “Untitled” Hyperdub
10. Kode 9 “Too Far Gone” Hyperdub
11. Terror Danjah “Sonar” Dubplate
12. Lemon D “Manhattan Melody” Dubplate

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Grievous Angel - Funky Manifesto

I am into this. Grevious Angel, big man in the scene, heavy with meticulous mp3 metadata + tracklists, has put together a new uk funky/whatdoyoucallit compilation. Instead of trying to hunt down the crucual tunes, which must be quite a challenge, GA has spliced together bunch of radio sets, and the result is BIG.

This is not a mix. Rather, this is a compilation of the best UK Funky I could find, taken from radio shows. I’m NOT pretending I have these tunes. Rather, I’m showcasing the best in UK Funky. Because, while funky is wonderful, there’s a lot of tunes out there I don’t like that much, and I wanted an hour of music I could point that would say, “this is what I want. This is what I want to make.”

Friday, March 6, 2009

Full Hundred

Don't be a wasteman. Check out the music. Full writeup here.


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Don't Matter

Ryan sings the blues, powered by youtube. Via W&W. Too much.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Best of Rapid

There's a bunch of old bangers on this Best of Rapid comp from Dj Furious, nice blends and sequencing too. I never get tired of Ruff Squad, they have such a distinct sound, and their production always stood out, easily among the best in Grime. It was kind of like they were trying to flip that '03 Dipset/Heatmakers sound, but without samples.

Ruff Squad - Xtra

Ruff Squad - ANNA

Thursday, January 29, 2009

what does it take

Mavado - So Special

I was admittedly not blown away by the new So Special video, what with the random 'in the club' scenes and the weak computer graphic sequences, but I was still bummed to hear that BET canceled its premiere on 106th and Park at the last second. If nothing else the video seemed to be a clear-cut bid to fit in smoothly with the jeezy/t-wayne/omarion-clone chart toppers of the moment. Looks like the reasons for the pull had nothing to do with homophobic lyrics or guntalk - just some scantily clad women and gratuitous alcohol shots.. Come on now BET, fair is fair.. I've seen some way more scandalous hiphop videos than this one in the after-school rotation. Hopefully this will just be a little speed-bump for the gully god, and will keep the hype up for a promising first-quarter release. (Your first chance to cop this track legitimately, almost a year after it started floating around youtube, a primo example of how screwed up/outdated the music retail model is, at least with respect to reggae..)

a) Sign w/ Puff and make exercise dvds, then vanish.
b) Sign w' Dame Dash, move to New York, and cease all output instantly.
c) Do a bunch of watered down rap collabos with miscellaneous hip-hoppers, who will inevitably draw for dubious patoi flows - tony yayo anyone?
d) None of the above.
e) All of the above, with new sneaker deals.

If this is getting you down, here are some old videos that got the lets-reshoot-this-and-make-it-commercially-viable treatment.. Wish I could find the BCAT version of ele's joint, all I can remember is they were standing on some school desks in actual water and it was pretty rad.

Elephant Man - Pon The River

Sean Paul - We'll Be Burning

And here is the proper gullyside one for Last Night:

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Eddie Stats has profiled the Truck Back Crew in his latest Ghetto Palms installment. It turns out TB get the name from the location of their studio, inside an actual, physical truck in the back of a lot. There has been a lot of noise around Truck Back stemming from Erup's massive 'click my finger' from last year, and it looks like that was the first joint they put out. It's heavy and all, but it was when I heard the next TruckBack/Erup collabo that I started to really feel this camp. Just a deeper vibe from EtotheR on this one.

Erup - Roll Serious (Ol Axel Riddim)

GP Riddim Blend


Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hungry Ghosts and Night Trains

All I've known about Filastine for the last few is that some of his tracks found their way into /Rupture's latest buyable mix*, which is as good an introduction as any I guess. It turns out Filastine has started a pretty excellent travel blog while touring Aisia. Lots of wild photos and youtube clips over there, documenting everything from his ad-hoc hotel room studio setups to encounters with renegade Vespa conventions in Bali. Can't forget the ubiquitous 'I was shaken down by shady officials at the borderline' story.. Nice.

* Which was recorded in August 07, and languished in LABEL HELL till a few months ago.. Out to all my dot com millionaires stop starting labels if you are not going to release things in a timely manner you wastemen.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Joker + Nomad on Rinse

Joker + Nomad in session...Too many tunes. Watch for the piece from Loefah at around 11:30.


Monday, January 5, 2009

Best of Wiley Vol 1.


What can you say? A gang of william chops, pulled from rinse and what sounds like some live PAs. They are even kind of beatmatched, or at least they come in on the one, with a lot of thought behind the selection. This is infinitely more hype than any major label release could ever be.

More than alot, ever so much.

compiled by grimetapes
on my radar via low end spasm, butterz

Last Man Standing

Here are some interviews with Kartel and Mavado about their impressions of who won the Sting clash.. A whole heap of controversy over this one, with each side claiming there was some shadiness behind the concert setup, bias in print media etc.. Whatever the motivation was, it clearly doesn't help the Gully God's cause to have left the stage in the middle of the clash, even if he did run back in. Kartel was left with 'nuff ammo after: "Nike has a new sneaker coming out, called gully nike / Sure, he would have won if it was a running clash, but it was a singing clash" etc.

Interview footage via

A new Kartel song about the events at sting

Saturday, January 3, 2009

/rupture + dropthelime microdocs

Recently, I came across Maga Bo's interview/day-in-the-life-of microdocumentary of DJ /rupture on youtube. I was instantly reminded of some old footage of DropTheLime I had seen over a year ago. DTL, probably already pretty much the man as far as all things bassy in nyc at this point, but not yet a full on mega star, comes across as totally humble and down to earth, as he has been in all my real life dealings with the man.. This is most evident when he speaks about starting out trying to mix on American DJ™ belt drive decks, and his producer origins being a blatant attempt to emulate 90s techno band Underworld.

But what I found the most interesting about the DTL interview was the more tangential stuff like an old job he had working in the back of a video dubbing house (spoiler alert: it sucked), or what he thought about music blogs in early 2007 ("There's already too many.. but let's start one more anyway") and what was cool about life in nyc... Which brings us to /Rupture, as it was in watching the Maga Bo piece that I got all flashbacky, particularly when he started running down the good and bad of life in nyc... It seemed to me like the outernational big homey hit a lot of the same points as DTL, a tribeca native.

DTL interview pt 1

DTL interview pt 2

DropTheLime speaks on:
  • the energy ( true 24 hour pressure, as compared with Berlin which is obviously really hype at night, but totally asleep during the day)
  • the cultural density
  • it being possible to walk everywhere

Maga Bo - An Evening with DJ /Rupture

/Rupture speaks on:
  • "an insane hive of activity, with little to no quality of life"
  • the cultural density
  • commercial rap djs at night
There's also some cool bits in there about the glacial rate at which the record biz moves, and on time and lateness being the gift + the curse of a dj. I would have to add that /Rupture was definitely keeping it real about that one, the first time I met him he came over to my basement to meet up with shadetek and play some tunes, and he was on some severe, euro-style lateness.


I was alerted to this new mix by Joker aka MR TIME TO RESTART aka 2000 and PURPLE by a myspace feed of all things.. See.. new music! The internet totally works!