Sunday, April 5, 2009

...are no longer around

This mix is from 2000 or so, and I grabbed it from some now-defunct sound clash aggregator site, and then it was on my hard drive in unsharable realaudio format, and then the hard drive bought it, and then I got it back from a friend around a year ago, and then I ripped it to mp3 so here it is. King Addies to the world.

Like so many live sets, the running commentary, exaltations and chatting over the top have become fused with the mix in my memory, so much so that when listening to these tunes in different contexts, they sound naked, like something is missing.

Not positive, but i think you can hear a pre-superstar tony matterhorn towards the end. Most of these tracks are put down in artist segments so a big chunk of junior reid dubs will be followed by a big chunk of michael rose. Good stuff.



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