Wednesday, May 26, 2010


nice to see corleon getting run again

oh snap it's Ears

this is what Ears is on these days.. I dont know about the 80s nostalgia and the flow is a bit robotic but still he's "going in". I like how the bars are deeper now.

you've got the hunger anyway.

and it's not like you came back on a top 40 electro kick either.

so you get points for that.

taken from jp

Sunday, May 23, 2010

don't be late

ikonika's album is out. dun know the inverted pyramid.

in all seriously seriousness, pure anthems on there, some of the most exciting, genre-defying hypercolor bass i've heard in a minute.

it's kinda strange how when you finally get a hold of tracks that you've only heard in the mix, or in shitty quality, that you've been like HUNTING for.. it's never the same after that. like by finally getting to hear it end to end you killed some of the mystery... it's happened so many times to me with dancehall tracks..

but anyway, serato djs, go cop that shit and burn down the post-everything dance.