Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hungry Ghosts and Night Trains

All I've known about Filastine for the last few is that some of his tracks found their way into /Rupture's latest buyable mix*, which is as good an introduction as any I guess. It turns out Filastine has started a pretty excellent travel blog while touring Aisia. Lots of wild photos and youtube clips over there, documenting everything from his ad-hoc hotel room studio setups to encounters with renegade Vespa conventions in Bali. Can't forget the ubiquitous 'I was shaken down by shady officials at the borderline' story.. Nice.

* Which was recorded in August 07, and languished in LABEL HELL till a few months ago.. Out to all my dot com millionaires stop starting labels if you are not going to release things in a timely manner you wastemen.

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