Saturday, January 3, 2009

/rupture + dropthelime microdocs

Recently, I came across Maga Bo's interview/day-in-the-life-of microdocumentary of DJ /rupture on youtube. I was instantly reminded of some old footage of DropTheLime I had seen over a year ago. DTL, probably already pretty much the man as far as all things bassy in nyc at this point, but not yet a full on mega star, comes across as totally humble and down to earth, as he has been in all my real life dealings with the man.. This is most evident when he speaks about starting out trying to mix on American DJ™ belt drive decks, and his producer origins being a blatant attempt to emulate 90s techno band Underworld.

But what I found the most interesting about the DTL interview was the more tangential stuff like an old job he had working in the back of a video dubbing house (spoiler alert: it sucked), or what he thought about music blogs in early 2007 ("There's already too many.. but let's start one more anyway") and what was cool about life in nyc... Which brings us to /Rupture, as it was in watching the Maga Bo piece that I got all flashbacky, particularly when he started running down the good and bad of life in nyc... It seemed to me like the outernational big homey hit a lot of the same points as DTL, a tribeca native.

DTL interview pt 1

DTL interview pt 2

DropTheLime speaks on:
  • the energy ( true 24 hour pressure, as compared with Berlin which is obviously really hype at night, but totally asleep during the day)
  • the cultural density
  • it being possible to walk everywhere

Maga Bo - An Evening with DJ /Rupture

/Rupture speaks on:
  • "an insane hive of activity, with little to no quality of life"
  • the cultural density
  • commercial rap djs at night
There's also some cool bits in there about the glacial rate at which the record biz moves, and on time and lateness being the gift + the curse of a dj. I would have to add that /Rupture was definitely keeping it real about that one, the first time I met him he came over to my basement to meet up with shadetek and play some tunes, and he was on some severe, euro-style lateness.

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