Wednesday, August 5, 2009

chief boima rewind


late on this but after listening to chief boima on mudd up a few weeks back, i decided to pull his mix for fader back out of the vaults. it's big, it's big. the tracklist says it all really.

1.Black Nature, vocal intro (homie of mine that's in the Sierra Leone Refugee All Stars)
2. Abdul Tee-Jay, “Ka-Bubu No.1” (Sierra Leonean [in London I Think] bubu music)
3. Chi Boogie, “Move Back” (Chicago juke)
4. Janka Nabay, “Ah Gboleah” (Sierra Leone bubu)
5. Boca Chica y El Presidente, Boca3 (Unknown name and artist, from Boca Chica in Dominican Republic. Boca Chica is a city with a popular beach and DJs sell mixtapes on the beach. These guys were Haitian descendants.. This was from a mixtape by selectas Boca Chica y El Presidente)
6. Ghislain Poirier, “Karnival” (Montreal...electro-soca?)
7. DJ Black, “Los Locos Somos Mas” (Panama... Haitian influenced reggae soca)
8. Silver Star, “Va Canon” (Honduras punta)
9. Sierra Leone's Refugee Allstars, “Ya N'Digba” (Sierra Leone [Not sure the style, but traditional from the villages])
10. Joe y Kello, “Mambo Gaga-Gaga” (Dominican Republic gaga)
11. Zion I, “Geek to the Beat” (Bay Area rap)
12. Didacia, “Misseru” (Mozambique marrabenta)
13. Dj Terrivel, “Danca So” (Angola tarraxa kuBass)
14. Unknown, “Micola” (Angola kuduro)
15. DJ Click, “Bloque Brandy” (Ivory Coast coupe decale)
16. Eedris Abdulkareem, “2 Legs Up” (Nigeria rap)
17. Akon, “Right Now (Na Na Na)” Chief Boima Remix (Sierra Leone, Senegal, Jersey, Oakland, Milwaukee, Atlanta mbalax decale)

also, the chief is one half of bannana clipz. not really sure who the other half is, but they've done a lot.. check them out on myspace.

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