Saturday, November 22, 2008

T_! Lean up pt 2

Wow. I just got through posting up T_!'s leanup mix from January, and moments later i find out he's got at least one more out with the same name. Haven't listened yet, but it gets a link, just off the strength of the first piece.

T_! [macabre unit/stink like sock]

june 08 lean up blend
mixed lean and live on 2 x vestax pdx2000 + 1 stanton s-450


kode 9- 9 samurai
rsd- speakerbox
quest- hardfood
benga- pleasure
trg- broken heart (martyns dcm mix)
search & destroy- candyfloss (loefah remix)
benga- addicts
buju banton- champion (kidnappa remix)
kromestar- bloodclart [get up]
goth trad- genesis
peverelist- infinity is now
kulture- cali weed
skandalous unlimited- dark horse
cotti & doctor- rise the temperture (kulture remix)
cluekid- hovercraft
macabre unit- shooting stars
tunnidge- geddeon
monkeydubz- volume
tubby t- tales of the hood
cotti & doctor- calm down
elemental- stompa
horsepower productions- fist of fury
kulture- so rotten
orien- look at my eyes
reso- metal slug
clouds- under the dancing feet
wonder- babylon boxer
jon-e-cash- forward
rusko- get ya cock out
silkie- i said
orbital- the box
noah d- rise
afterdark- k-hole


via getdarker.

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