Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Been gone for a minute

Damn,.. What can I say, time flies. A couple projects and the daily grind have been choking my blog game sumthin fierce.

While I was away, I heard a few things worth checking out:

Kode9 and Burial goodbye mix for Mary Anne Hobbes

Some burial dubs, lotta old school girl next door garage and a crazy new terror danjah piece by the sound of it. All stitched together with a crackling radio spectrum sliding dial interlude style. Really feeling this one, mostly for how spacious it feels

Songs for endless cities
Picked up this Brackles mix CD in one of my four-times-a-year let's go buy a physical piece of music and put bread on the artist's table moves. Moves through fly lo and zomby glitch to your more uptothatime uk house, pretty dope.

Diplo on rinse
Yeah well pretty late on this one, but if you haven't heard it yet, go listen to mr lazer's latest throw down.

And can't forget terror danjah and kode nine on the elijah and skilliam show. Danjah talks over all of his own riddims and some how turns an antibootleg precaution into a history lesson... slash lovelines therapy moment. Catch up with this shit pronto.

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